Organic Farm


Local Organic Farming Advocacy

Farmers' livelihood are at the mercy of nature. Waking before dawn; ploughing until noon. The hard work of a farmer can hardly be tasted. Our nature will rain and shine without mercy, days and months of plodding will easily go with the unfavourable weather. Despite the mercy shown by the nature, the market may favour cheap than good crops. Agriculture is the cornerstone of healthy economy. Even more, it serves the key to sustainable habitat. Preface buys locally grown organic products as raw materials for our products in order to support local farmers, support Hong Kong agriculture.


Our Farm 

10 years ago, Wong Ling resolved to farming in Pat Heung, Kam Tin from office. After years of diligence, he has bred over 40-50 crops on his farm of 2.3 hectare. He always comes up with innovation to revive agriculture, like corn adoption plan, papaya futures, workshops on making jam or tofu. Also, he runs a self-service vending stall in Tsuen Wan. Customers are entrusted to pay their dues with honesty. Wong Ling forms ‘Green Kam Sheung Road’ with other farmers in order to encourage local organic direct sale, facilitating customers.
Farm produce: Calendula
Address: Yuen Tai Road, Tai Wui Village, Pat Heung, Kam Sheung Road, Yuen Long
Tel : 9710 1400



Ah Jim, full-time clerk, decided to return to farmland 3 years ago because of the sentiment he bore for farming with mum in his childhood. Office work on one side, farming on the other. For 2-3 days, Ah Jim sells with his signature pink van among Kwai Chun, Mei Foo, Shatin, Shek Mun and etc, to those who have pre-ordered.
Farm Produce : Calendula
Address: Shek Woo North Village, Ng Tung riverside, Sheung Shui
Tel : 9033 5979


Pin Kee Farm

KaHung, formerly working in IT industry, was invited to visit a farm. He was intrigued to leisure farming. Then, he has gradually fallen for it. Believing organic farming in Hong Kong being meaningful, he gave up the lucrative salary to full-time farmer.
Farm produce : Calendula
Address: Tai Wui Village, Pat Heung, Kam Sheung Road, Yuen Long
Contact: 9469 7496


Johnny’s Organic Farm

Johnny, young and westernised, loves herbs, flowers. Arriving at his farm, a mixed scent brushing against the face. Rosemary, verbena, marigold , geranium , chamomile, calendula and etc. Most of his herbs go to high-end restaurants where customers are keen on trying new species. Asking him for his reason to farm, he succinctly answers, “Don’t want the veggie from Mainland China!” It is interpreted as, “Don’t want to consume pesticide.”
Farm produce: Calendula, Rosemary
Address: Wong Lai Ton Village Road, Wong Lai Ton Village, Yuen Long
Tel : 6651 1669


Farming Pioneer

Situated in Kam Tin, Pat Heung, farmer and villager, Fung Yu Chuk has been caring for her farm from sowing, harvesting to marketing. Since she was small, she has had a strong passion on farming. She took part in the Tsoi Yuen Chuen protection campaign in 2009 where she started the guided tour in Tsoi Yuen Chuen to explain the importance of farmland conservation to citizens. After the demolition of Tsoi Yuen Chuen, Chuk followed the villagers to Kam Tin and rented a patch of farmland to farm. Due to the remote location, only a handful of local customers shop at the farm. Chuk has to ship the farm produce to MTR station in person. Sometimes, she will sell at the farm market and wholesale to Organic We regularly.
Farm Produce : Patchouli, Calendula , Mint, Ginger
Address: Yuen Kong Village, Kam Tin, Pat Heung, Yuen Long
Tel : 9376 8206


Man Yuen Bee Farm

Albert Einstein said, 'If bees vanish, human being can live only 4 more years.' Without bee spreading the pollen, plants and animals will not survive. Pollution and deforestation lead to plummeting number of bees in recent decades. Besides, inhumane bee farming further neglects bees' animal rights.
Master Man has been keeping bees for over 40 years. He is the consultant of Kadoorie farm. To preserve the tradition of beekeeping, he only produces pure honey without adding white sugar or glucose. Bees have a diligent disposition. They collect more nectar than their daily need to prevent starvation which is what we consume from their beehive. If bees have no surplus, Master Man rather stops the production instead of starving them.
Address: 22, Lung Shui Zhen, Koo Po New Village, Lower Kam Tin, Yuen Long
Tel : 2478 6889/ 9250 1988


New Life Farm

New Life Farm was established in 1968. It is the only farm employing people with special needs. The farm provides recovered mental patient and less-able with training in order to let them show their talents, improve living quality and integrate into the society. The employees acquire agricultural knowledge and maintain good physiques which allows them to enhance awareness to environmental protection and ability to healthy lifestyle. As the public awareness of health diet rises, Sang sang farm started organic farming in 2000 to provide organic farm crops to public.

Farm Produce : Rosemary
Address : No. 33 San Fuk Road, Tuen Mun
Tel︰2461 8385