Hair FAQ

1. The cuticle of hair will open once coming into contact with natural shampoo for deep cleansing. Thus causing a coarse touch. To improve the situation, lavender conditioning spray will close the cuticle again which restores smoothness.

It is known that natural soap is made of oil, NaOh and water. Since NaOh is a strong alkaline, the soap bears a weak alkaline feature. When hair is in touch with water, layer after layer of follicle dilate. It is intensified when both water and soap are present in order to allow the wash away of dust, oil or chemicals in the hair. The hair is particular dry but don't try combing as it will be in vain.

Don't use conditioner. When the hair cuticle is open, condition with silica will only worsen the situation. The hair will stand but not becoming smoother. Natural problem bears a natural solution. As acid neutralises with alkaline, applying weak acidic substance will do the magic to close the hair cuticle . Thus , lavender conditioning spray has been created.

2.At the initial stage of using natural shampoo, hair skin needs to adapt. There will be temporal loss of oil balance, dandruff or hair loss depending on situation. The cause of these situations varies. If you have used too many chemicals, a natural detox will be triggered. The commonest process is oil secretion. There is another situation. When the hair cuticle is open, the silica is washed away which results dry hair and decomposes the hair protein, amino acid will then cause oil imbalance. The hair keratin will contract and curl up with crack which causes itching and excessive oil secretion. To prevent the situation, we need acidic substance to adjust the hair situation.

The focus of both explanation is the process of detox. Let me share my experience,

1). Babies and children won't have the stage of adaptation since they have accumulated too much chemicals. They can even use honey moisturising body wash for hair.

2). Once you have adapted, even if you go for a perm, the loss of oil balance will be temporary.

3). Loss of oil balance will reduce gradually. Some may take a few days, the other may need months. Only a minority will experience the latter. In general, people have short hair, especially men, have less experience on oil imbalance since they are less diligent to apply hair conditioner. Thus, less toxin accumulates.

There is another explanation. It is alleged that the protein of the hair is dissolved into amino acid. However, I am half convinced. For those who bear fragile hair dermis, oil is secreted as self defence when chemicals are washed. By the same token as our facial skin, it is sensible to avoid the damage of alkaline by acidic solution. Tea seed powder may support this account because its PH value is lower.

3. Someone suffer from soap scum, like dust sticking to the hair. This attributes to the hard water which combines with shampoo easily. The following provides the solution.

The calcium ions combine with natural soap which leads to a formation of waxy layer. It looks like dandruff and feels sticky. If combs, white lumps accumulate. After two years of observation, only 10-20% of users have encountered such problem, in different degrees. Since I don’t have such situation, I can share the experience of some customers.

1). How to wash hair

Use wooden or bamboo comb to smoothen the hair before wetting; →

Then, use only water to wash the hair, for a minute, to wash away the oil and dust; →

Next, massage the soap on hair and dermis until foaming (it is suggested to foam with a bubble ball); →

Agilely to clean the hair from top to bottom and comb the hair in order to comb away the soap; →

At last, rinse the hair with the showerhead. →

*The process must be quick to avoid the combination of soap and ions in the water.

2). Use acidic spray

Acid can dissolve soap scum. Apply the spray after washing away the soap and rinse again.

3). Apply filter. Filter can sift the calcium ions and chlorine.

**There is an online anatomy of the soap scum formation for reference.

(Natural soap: dryness and stickiness) by little.ginkgo.handmade